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Project on HR Practicies

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Project on Hr Practicies and Policies

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Project on Employee Retention

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Project on Job Satisfaction

Project on Job Satisfaction

Project on Job Satisfaction on Jindal Steel and Power

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EMPLOYEE RETENTION PROJECT:- Employee retention is a process in which the employees are encouraged to remain with the organization for the maximum period of time or until the completion of the project. Employee retention is beneficial for the organization as well as the employee. Employees today are different. They are not the ones who don’t have good opportunities in hand. As soon as they feel dissatisfied with the current employer or the job, they switch over to the next job. It is the responsibility of the employer to retain their best employees. If they don’t, they would be left with no good employees. A good employer should know how to attract and retain its employees. Most employees feel that they are worth more than they are actually paid. There is a natural disparity between what people think they should be paid and what Organizations spend in compensation. When the difference becomes too great and another opportunity occurs, turnover can result. Pay is defined as the wages, salary, or compensation given to an employee in exchange for services the employee performs for the organization. Pay is more than "dollars and cents;" it also acknowledges the worth and value of the human contribution. What people are paid has been shown to have a clear, reliable impact on turnover in numerous studies. Employees comprise the most vital assets of the company. In a work place where employees are not able to use their full potential and not heard and valued, they are likely to leave because of stress and frustration. In a transparent environment while employees get a sense of achievement and belongingness from a healthy work environment, the company is benefited with a stronger, reliable work-force harbouring bright new ideas for its growth Blog Online And Earn Money. OBJECTIVES: - To identify the strategies used by private companies to retain quality staff. To make a comparison between the strategies used by an Indian company and an MNC. To analyze the effectiveness of the strategies used to retain quality staff. To give some suggestions so as to improve the present system of employee retention.




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